The CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification is done in order to apply for any nursing job in a nursing home or hospital depending upon the job opportunity. There are only two eligibility criteria for applying for a CNA certification; one is the age limit of 18 years or more and another is that the candidate should possess a high school diploma from any reputed university/college. There are different levels of CNA certification which may position you as a RN (Registered Nurse) or any of the managerial position. Certified nursing assistant certification offers full-time course as well as part-time course. The full-time course involves weekly classroom study where as part-time course offer online study or weekend classroom study.

After you join the course, you have to pass the CNA exam to move to further levels. For that you have to prepare for the test. There are various websites that offer free sample CNA tests for your further reference. You can also find the CNA practice tests at the end of the work-sheet document or materials that you have been provided for study. You just need to practice as much worksheet as you can, in order to pass the test successfully.

Do remember that CNA certification is not so easy. So it is recommended to study well in order to attain the certification. The best part of this certification course is that you are bound to get a job after it and this is a recession-free industry too. This industry is regarded as an on-going industry because there are plenty of jobs available in the market.


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