Certified nursing assistants are known as medical professionals who work for the betterment of patients in various health-care institutes. They act as a primary caretaker for the residents and perform duties like infection control, observation of patient's health conditions, and supervision over medicinal intake of patients. If you are thinking of joining the healthcare industry as a CNA, then you might be interested in the opportunities for further career growth in this sector.

While working as a nursing assistant, you can proceed further in your career to the CNA 2 level. In some states, they are also known as Patient Care Assistant (PCA). They handle some additional responsibilities apart from usual duties of nursing assistant like dementia care, diagnostic observations and so on.

The national average for CNA 1 salary is of $24,000 and that of CNA 2 is $26000

These salary structures vary from one state to the other. However, all states offer higher packages to patient care assistant than the normal nursing aides. Therefore, working as a patient care assistant can prove to be a good career advancement for CNA. You just need to gather the training and examination details for CNA 2 level from the local nursing aide registry. 


It's so interesting to see how the small differences between being a CNA 1 and CNA 2 can really lead to a huge difference in pay.


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